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Dr. Rui Jorge Gregório Tocha


Organisation: CENTIMFE

Position in the organisation: General-Manager

Biography note: Mr. Rui Tocha has a Degree in Economics and a Master Degree in International Economy. From 1995 to 1997 he worked for the Portuguese Ministry of Industry. Since 1997, he is the General-Manager of CENTIMFE, where he also assumes the responsibility in the co-ordination of national and European projects. He has been the co- ordinator of several R&D projects, namely: RNPR -National Network of Rapid Prototyping, SKISOFOT (Leonardo Da Vinci), TRAAAP (Leo-nardo Da Vinci), EUROTOOLING 21 (IP project for SME’s presented to the FP6 of the EU), and CLUSTERPLAST (a European project that promotes the cooperation between clusters in Europe). Between 1999 and 2001, he was also member of the Direction of RECET –Association for the Portuguese Technological Centers, becoming its President between 2009 and 2011. Since 2008 he has been the General Manager of the European Tooling Platform and since 2009, Mr. Rui Tocha is also the General-Manager of POOL_NET – Portuguese Tooling Network, that coordinates the Portuguese Engineering & Tooling Cluster.


Parallel Workshop Session W2.4 – “European Tooling Platform”

The European Tooling Industry has been identified as a strategic sector for the growth of the European economy and qualified employment in Europe, due to the support infrastructure it provides for the economy through its multi-disciplinarily competences, technological knowledge and multi-sector impact. The European Tooling Platform, is officially recognized as a MANUFUTURE’s sub-platform, being a key focal point for research and development at European level, specially for the implementation of HORIZON 2020. Tooling Industry is in the critical path of product development, becoming more and more capital and knowledge intensive. This strategic Industry, acts globally, not only to support “high-end markets” (aeronautic, automotive, medical devices, electronics & communications, packaging, etc), but also, to sustain the production of traditional products in new markets (China, India, Brazil, México, etc), embracing emergent challenges (bio & advanced materials, renewable energy, micro-technologies, etc). Considering all this, the European Tooling Platform is a focal point in Europe, to promote: the European Tooling Technological Roadmaps; HORIZON 2020 opportunities and the growth/strengthening of European Tooling Industry, in close action with ISTMA Europe - International Special Tooling and Machining Association.

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