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Dr. Robert Scudamore

scudamore.pngOrganisation: TWI

Position in the organisation: Group Manager - Joining Technologies

Biography note: Coming from an academic background in Composites and Joining, I have expertise developed in laser welding of plastics and fabrics, adhesive bonding, and laser and laser hybrid welding of metallics. As the Business Group Manager at TWI Ltd, I manage and develop the Joining Technologies Group, which includes laser, electron beam and resistance welding, brazing and soldering, friction welding, diffusion, adhesive bonding and coatings.


Parallel Workshop Session W2.4 – “The Joining Sub-platform - Joining, including traditional welding methods, as a core element to innovative and sustainable manufacturing”

Dr Robert Scudamore as the Joining Sub-Platform Secretariat will refresh the concept of the Joining Sub- Platform and will provide an update on its activities to-date. The importance of joining and its traditional welding counterparts within the manufacturing framework will be highlighted. “The value added by manufacture and application of Joining technology in Europe amounted to around EUR 65 billion in 2010. Over 1.25 million employees were connected with this added-value within Europe in 2010” (Moos 2013).
Because Joining is recognised as a key enabler, and a core element of innovative and sustainable manufacturing, sufficient attention towards its future development across Europe is required. For this, the Joining Community is raising the awareness of its research priorities and its subsequent exploitation potential. The aim is to achieve a competitive, innovative and sustainable competence in the field of Joining that utilises advanced techniques and products, adds value, and generates economic growth and skilled jobs for the benefit of EU stakeholders.

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