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Dr. Konstantin Konrad


Organisation: Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA)

Position in the organisation: Project Manager for Production IT

Biography note: Konstantin Konrad received a master’s degree in cybernetics engineering 2007 and was awarded a doctorate (magna cum laude) for the research of semantically supported ramp-up of assembly systems in 2013. He is a project manager and senior scientist who has been working in the field of manufacturing IT, factory logistics and systems integration for many years. He has sound expertise in the design, analysis and optimization of flexible production system. In the MINAM community he has a leading role since 2009 (OSG-member, leader of expert group) and was actively involved in the definition of Roadmaps and SRAs.


Parallel Workshop Session W2.4 – “MINAM: Micro and NanoManufacturing on the Horizon 2020”

MINAM has extended the micro and nanomanufacturing community with relevant European, national and regional initiatives, such as European clusters, Networks of Excellence and ETPs to drive forward an application approach harmonized with common values and goals to reach industrial leadership. On the agenda of MINAM for Horizon 2020 are issues such as key societal needs and to support the full manufacturing cycle by providing innovative high added value manufacturing solutions. With the released SRA and Roadmap end of 2012 in the framework of the European funded project MINAM2.0 CSA, the MINAM community has designed a contribution which is in line with the “value chain approach” introduced by the “key enabling technologies” HLG and, as well as the ManuFuture “valley of death”, addressing similar topics. The acceleration of the adjustment of technological capabilities with application requirements needs to be facilitated.
This presentation shows some ideas of different services and instruments to interact especially with regional clusters, which are playing a most relevant role for technology transfer and in order to reach SMEs. MINAM will provide a “one stop shop” to the micro and nano manufacturing linked community.

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