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Otto Karhumäki

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Organisation: Fluidhouse Oy

Position in the organisation: Technology Director

Biography note: Otto provides 20 years of industrial experience in the field of production automation. As the previous Research and Development manager at Flexlink Automation Oy., Otto has been involved in a large number of national and international research projects funded by open calls (in particular EUREKA projects) including RI-MACS project until he co-founded Prodatec. As part of his duties at Flexlink Automation, Otto was in charge of the adoption of the set of CAMX standards by developing the new Factory Information Systems of Flexlink products and solutions. As of July 2012 Prodatec Oy was absorbed by its sister company Fluidhouse Oy. Otto’s current interest areas at Fluidhouse include the design of the company’s strategy and ensuring the research and development provisions for achieving it.


Parallel Workshop Session W2.6 – “Implementing SoA in Industrial Cases: The SME Viewpoint” 

Adopting a Service-oriented Architecture (SoA) design approach in Industrial Automation Systems allows SMEs providers to enhance their business offering. In order to create new business opportunities, SMEs recognise the need to differentiate themselves by adopting a high-risk technology driven element such as SoA in Automation. Thanks to the current maturity of SoA design concepts, confidence among SMEs is becoming high. SoA approach deployed via Web Services is based on open standards and has been tried and tested in many different domains providing a cover for the technological adoption among SMEs. This talk will provide some examples on how an SME like FluidHouse did develop and implement SoA- based monitor and control systems for their clients. It will stress the option for a stepwise approach to the implementations and also the main driven force of creating parallel solutions to the existing control systems, such as monitor and other applications.


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