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Prof. Henning Zoz

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Organisation: Zoz Group

Position in the organisation: CEO & President

Biography note: Zoz Group manufactures and supplies Mechanical Process Engineering Equipment and manufactures and supplies with insofar own equipment Nanostructured Materials from powders, layers and bulk parts to magnetic filters, super-light-weight PM, batteries, hydrogen-drives with H2-solid-state-absorber tanks incl. vehicles. Affiliated companies serve E-/E-H2-mobility, maintain buildings and operate student’s dormitories, a tour operator as well as sailing and aircraft operations. In 2012 the first public bridge was set-up by Zoz High Performance Cement/Concrete.

Zoz holds numerous patents and trademarks, more than 50 papers, teaching at numerous universities and institutes all over the world. He is one of the founders and main organizers of the OZ-German-Japanese Symposium on Nanostructures and a member of a number of program/advisory committees all over the world.

Due to his expertise in energy storage materials and energy storage, including integration and drives, Zoz became a prominent address, when it comes to cost-effective utilization of renewable energy sources for mobile and stationary applications.

Materialica-Award [2010], Germany;
Manager of the year [2011], South Westphalia, Germany;
Ibero-American Silver-Award [2012], Mexico;
Innovation-Award-Sauerland [2012], Germany;
PMAI-Fellow-Award [2013], India;
Nomination for the German Environmental Award [2013] “Power to Gas to Fuel”.


Plenary Session P3 – “Nanostructures for Zero Emission Future Transportation, Energy & Economy for Sustainable Industrial Competitiveness”

This presentation, after some philosophical introduction about mankind and clear thinking will remind us on the ultimate importance of energy availability with respect to ensuring the survival of more and more people on this planet, accompanied to the maintaining and the continued expansion of wealth in modern world.
Sun and moon are providing us enough energy possibilities for today & future however, to convert, to store and to transport this energy, we need materials. Thus our future will be ruled by materials at more and more and very much limited resources and consequently by the challenge to provide more materials function at less material consumption. Since Materials consumption contradicts with limited resources, recycling is the other ultimate goal. Both are leading to advanced materials processing with the utilization of larger surface and finer structures. Today`s goal is nanostructure!
High Kinetic Processing has been proven as a major route for reducing materials grainsize in large volume at economic manufacturing and cost capability as well as the “nanostructure-making-equipment”, the Simoloyer® is well-known including technology and key advantages.
The globally first Public Bridge by Zoz/Dyckerhoff High Performance Cement at high strength, virtually endless durability and enormous CO2-emission savings has been set up in Germany in November 2012. Second demonstrator has followed in June 2013 and 3 next bridges are on plan.
Zentallium®, the Zoz-Super-Light-Weight material at half Titanium cost aproaching pressing and sintering after hot extruded semi-finished material is on the market. Zentallium® represents grainsize stabilized Aluminium utilizing Carbon Nanotubes.
Hydrolium®/H2Tank2Go® including Zoz-PEMFC aproaching the sky (EADS-Bulletin 2012) in the H2-OnAir project with EADS, Airbus, IFB etal. Bringing these small H2-solid-state absorber tanks H2Tank2Go® in the air triples the range of the Icaré Solar Airplane and is expected to help for a potential revolution of the refueling infrastructure “on road” which together with the “Power to Gas to Fuel”-scenario by Zoz could represent a keymark for the German Energy Turn. H2Tank2Go® and infrastructure model (tank-replacement by simple vending-machine e. g. any home depot) including available vehicles / range extender platforms is nominated for the German Environmental Award 2013.

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