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Neophytos Neophytou

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Organisation: European Commission, DG for Research & Innovation

Position in the organisation: Research Programme Officer

Biography note: Neophytos Neophytou, is working as a Research Programme Officer in the Directorate General for Research & Innovation, European Commission. He has a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Business Administration. He is the Project Officer for the Manufuture 2013 Conference. His portfolio of projects include 20 FP7 funded projects. He is the contact person for the European Technology Platform MANUFUTURE.


Chair of Parallel Workshop Session W1.1 – „Flexible and High Performance Manufacturing: Impact through Clustering Activities“

The session will highlight FoF project results in this area. Seventeen running FoF projects close to completion are going to attend and will present their results which are currently or will be exploited in the near future. The interaction and network among the projects will help to identify business opportunities and facilitate the routes to commercialisation. The example of two successful clustering initiatives will be the highlight of the session. One example is the: For zero defects manufacturing (4ZDM) with four running FoF projects, Ifacom, Megafit Midemma and Muprod. The second example is a German initiative the: EFFIZIENFABRIK bringing together 31 completed national projects.

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