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Dr. Augusta Maria Paci

paci.pngOrganisation: National Research Council of Italy (CNR)

Position in the organisation: Technologist Director of Chemical Science and Materials Technology Department

Biography note: Dr. Augusta Maria Paci is Technologist Director, and former she was Researcher within the Italian public research organization CNR. She holds the Master in Enterprise Engineering, University of Tor Vergata Rome. Her competences cover: strategic analysis of research-industry activities; foresight for industrial research, Knowledge Management. She has been Coordinator of several European Projects and participates in International Conference Committees and Boards.

Her field of interest covers forward-looking activities and related methodologies, modeling and early impact assessment analysis of enabling technologies in the field of manufacturing related research. She is author of international scientific papers and dissemination paper. She is Co-editor of the Springer JIMS Special Issue on Engineering Education published in 2012. At EU level, she collaborates as independent expert with the EC Joint Research Centre, with the DG for Research & Innovation Directorate G – Industrial Technologies and with the DG-Enterprise.

She is member of the ETP Manufuture ISG and contributed to the Manufuture Research Agenda and to the Leadership FP6 SSA.

Currently, she is Member of the S&T Foresight Project of CNR where she is Coordinator of the Climate Change Thematic Group. In the research Department for Chemical Sciences and Materials Technology, she is Responsible for a Discussion and Forward-Looking Group participated by researchers.


Chair of Parallel Workshop Session W2.5 – “Future- Oriented Activities: Mutual Benefits towards Grand Challenges”


The workshop presents key outcomes from studies in Future-oriented activities on visions and scenarios for future EU economic development and sustainability. These studies address Grand Challenges for a sustainable re-industrialization of Europe – driven by agents of change such as science, technology, environment, policy and society.
The invited speakers will offer a synthetic view on some aspects regarding future scenarios – elaborated in 2013 – that contribute to the collective development of a “Big picture” for the future of the Manufacturing sector with related policy measures.
Foresight initiatives are underway at multilevel by international organisations, by the European Commission, by organizations of Member States, involving academia and the private sector.
In Italy, the CNR S/T Foresight Project has been launched in 2013 and is carried by researchers through a participatory process for stimulating a collective intelligence.
Science and technology with interdisciplinary approach are core part of foresight studies but they also need to include the consideration of the impact on society, on the climate and on the manufacturing sectors – which are the major industrial driving force of the global EU economy.
In the undergoing transformation and paradigm shifts in the next two decades, the outcomes of these and of other future studies may complement the efforts of the Manufuture Technology Platform - that ensured a decade of participatory future thinking for the development of manufacturing related research.


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