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Tomas Hedenborg

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Organisation: Fastems Oy Ab

Position in the organisation: Group CEO

Biography note: Tomas Hedenborg is CEO of Fastems Group and Chairman of the Manufacturing Finland Cluster having 340 member companies with total sales of 3,1 billion euros and giving work to about 24 000 people. Tomas Hedenborg is also Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Metals and Engineering Competence Cluster Fimecc Ltd. The first part of his professional career after graduation from Helsinki University of Tehnology in 1985 was spent in the automotive industry with system suppliers in Germany such as Valeo and Faurecia in R&D executive positions. Moving to general management, Tomas became CEO of automotive module company HBPO GmbH (2001-2005). After that Tomas was CEO of the Finn-Power Group (2005-2008), a Finnish sheet metal machinery manufacturer with a global presence. After Prima Industrie (listed in the Milan Stock Exchange) acquiring FP in 2008, Tomas also became Senior Vice President (Sales, Marketing and Service Business) of the merged Group (2008-2011). Since 2011 he has been Executive Chairman of Fastems Oy Ab (2011-2012) and CEO of Fastems Group (2013-).


Plenary Session P1 – “Towards Sustainable Growth in Manufacturing Industry”

Sustainable growth is one of key targets of the Europe 2020 strategy, i.e. a strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Sustainable development means that the development meets the needs of the present but without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The manufacturing industry is in key role to achieve growth and jobs in Europe. It needs to work for economic growth but also take care of resource efficiency and reduced environmental impacts, as well as the workforce and company’s social responsibilities. The presentation will discuss the current trends and challenges on the way to sustainable growth from the Finnish manufacturing industry’s point of view.

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