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Herbert von Bose

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Organisation: European Commission, DG for Research & Innovation

Position in the organisation: Director of Directorate G – Industrial Technologies

Biography note: Mr von Bose completed his studies in law from the Universities of Bonn, Geneva and Heidelberg in 1975. He was an assistant at the law faculty of the University of Montpellier before joining the German Ministry of Justice in 1976. From 1979 to 1983, he practices as a lawyer in Manheim and Heidelberg. In 1983, he started working for the European Commission in Brussels. In 1996, Mr von Bose became the Head of Unit for Aeronautics, Space, Rail and Maritime. From 2004 to 2007, he was the Head of Unit for “Security Research and Development”.  In September 2007, he became Director for "Industrial Technologies" in DG Research & Innovation.


Plenary Session P1 – “HORIZON 2020: Research and Innovation in Europe”

The EU needs more research and innovation for a sustainable, competitive EU industry which is able to create new jobs, boost economic growth and competitiveness and make people ́s lives better. HORIZON 2020 (H2020), our new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation running from 2014 to 2020, can contribute to creating sustainable economic growth and jobs and reinforcing Europe’s international competitiveness. 

The industrial leadership pillar of H2020 will bridge the gap between research and the market. With the focus on industrial leadership, we aim to speed up the development of the technologies and innovations that will underpin tomorrow’s businesses and help innovative SMEs to grow into world-leading companies.


Chair of Plenary Session P5 – “HORIZON 2020 and International Dimension”

International cooperation in research and innovation will be a crucial part of Horizon 2020, which will serve as a means to achieve higher level EU objectives. This will require joint action and long-term cooperation both between EU countries and those outside their borders. The core principles of the EU’s International Strategy for Research and Innovation will be:

  • Tackling global societal challenges such as climate change, sustainable agriculture and clean energy
  • Creating a continuous support for the Union’s external policies
  • Establishing a stronger partnership with Member States
  • Setting common principles for conduct of international cooperations
  • Developing a stronger role for Union in international organisations and multilateral collaboration
  • Ensuring a strengthened implementation, governance, monitoring and evaluation.


 Conference Closing

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