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W2.3 Building an Excellent Science Base in Manufacturing

Chair: Dr. Claudia Marenco, Scientific Officer, European Research Council Executive Agency

Horizon 2020, the new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, is based on 3 pillars: Excellent Science, Industrial leadership and Societal challenges.
In this session, we will talk about the "Excellent Science" pillar, which includes the following programmes: Future and Emerging Technologies (FET), the European Research Council (ERC), Marie Curie actions and Research infrastructure programmes. We will focus on FET and ERC, with the purpose of illustrating their relevance to manufacturing.
Aymard DE TOUZALIN, Deputy Head of the FET unit at the European Commission (DG CONNECT) and Claudia MARENCO, Scientific Officer at the European Research Council Executive Agency, will present the features of the two programmes and take any questions you may have.

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