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W1.4 Social and Environmental Sustainability

Chair: Prof. Johan Stahre, Professor at Chalmers University of Technology, Head of division, Co-director of Chalmers’ Production Area of Advance

Warmly welcome to the Workshop 1.4 on social and environmental sustainability!
Social and environmental sustainability factors are fundamental for the EU 2020 strategy and cornerstones of Horizon 2020. Social sustainability in the context of future manufacturing is the key to attract and keep the skilled workforce needed to utilize the advanced manufacturing systems we aim to develop in Europe. However, in 2020 McKinsey projects that the global job market will consist of 3.5 billion people, with a shortage of almost 40 millions of college-educated workers and a lack of 45 millions of workers with secondary education. Social sustainability is the key!
Another key issue is environmental sustainability and the potential threats to our society that come from lack of concern for the obvious environmental trends. The IPCC has determined that the human is primarily responsible for global warming. Its effects can already be felt and 1000 years from now, we would run this conference under water. The workshop on social and environmental sustainability contains important results for our future, as well as key enablers for the more technical research presented elsewhere in Manufuture 2013.


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