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W1.2 Supply Chains for Customised Products

Chair: Prof. Tullio Antonio Maria Tolio, Director of Institute of Industrial Technologies and Automation, National Research Council of Italy (CNR)

Recent market changes force companies to address individual customer requirements and to put more emphasis on the service levels, by reducing response times and increasing quality. This confluence of trends has led managers to move from a traditional functional focus into a more holistic approach where strategic collaborations both at horizontal and vertical level enhance the capability of entering into new markets and prospering in the existing ones.
The main objective of this workshop is to discuss the described topics starting from the results of European projects in NMP area in terms of products, processes and networks/systems. The focus is on understanding which level of customization is possible thanks to innovative models of manufacturing aimed at increasing the capability of addressing multiple needs of consumer niches. Emphasis will be given to modelling, designing and configuring the combination of processes, functions, activities, relationships and paths along which products, services and information flow in and among companies.
During the workshop, projects covering applications to various industrial sectors will be presented including for example fashion, lighting, health care, each one giving an innovative view on the different dimensions of customized production and analysing direct and indirect impact of their innovation on the market.

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