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Manufuture past & future report

Dear Reader,

at a turning point - set by the EC in connection with the start of Horizon 2020 - that opens new and broader horizons to ETPs, we have prepared this working document for you to know better:

- what Manufuture has been doing and what are the prospects,
- how a Manufuture Conference fits into our strategic and operational engagement.

We sincerely hope that the working document may open a direct link with each of you so that, to the enlargement of our community, would correspond new forms of defining strategic and operational directions to take.

We hope that this great and reach Manufuture Conference may “recharge” and amplify all of us enthusiasm, as we must face difficult challenges and win.

Francesco Jovane and the Implementation Support Group on behalf of the Manufuture Platform

Download the “Manufuture past & future” report

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