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Organising Committee

The Organising Committee (OC) is responsible for the conference related issues for MANUFUTURE 2013 .

The OC is responsible for the conference's detailed agenda and also for ensuring an appropriate level of speeches and presentations through the invitation of high-level key speakers. The Organising Committee is also responsible for communication with National Authorities and the EU institutions involved.

The OC's activities are supported on a day-to-day basis by the Information Desk which is staffed by LINPRA and serves as an all-in-one point of contact for enquiries. The Secretary of the OC is Head of the Information Desk.

Members of the OC:

  1. Henrikas Mykolaitis – Chairman of the Organising Committee (LINPRA, The Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania)
  2. Danguolė Dragūnienė (EP, UAB EUROPARAMA, Lithuania)
  3. Reijo Tuokko (TUT, Tampere University of Technology, Finland)
  4. Andrius Vilkauskas (KTU, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania)
  5. Edward Chlebus (DPIN, Lower Silesian Innovation and Science Park, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland)
  6. Gediminas Trinkūnas (FIMTP, Science and Technology Park of the Institute of Physics, Lithuania)
  7. Kęstutis Maknys – Head of Conference Information Desk (LINPRA, The Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania)

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