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About the Conference

The conference is under the patronage of Dalia Grybauskaitė, President of the Republic of Lithuania.

The conference MANUFUTURE 2013 is planned for the second half of Lithuania's Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU) in autumn 2013 at a time when legislative acts for Horizon 2020 will already have been adopted by the European Parliament and Council. The conference will thus serve as a forum for stakeholders from industry, universities, research institutions and government discuss the possibilities on how to better put Horizon 2020 and respective national initiatives into operation.

The manufacturing industry represented by ManuFuture has significant interest in the EC Regional Policy as a key delivery mechanism for EU 2020 and the pursuit of smart, sustainable and inclusive regional growth. Smart specialisation combines a place-based approach with an innovation systems logic and a strong outward orientation towards global value chains aimed at smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in the regions. To achieve smart growth we need to mobilise and maximise the innovation capacity of every region through open innovations and the alignment of public and private investment decisions towards a limited number of priorities with the highest development impact. It is vital that ways to better transform Horizon 2020 investments into wealth, growth and jobs be discussed: supporting better coverage of the entire innovation cycle, promoting better alignment with national and regional policies and funding programmes, and creating framework conditions for growth and jobs to help the European regions stay globally competitive.

At the conference, leaders and specialists from the EU engineering industry and the field of science will discuss Horizon 2020, the new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, and the best ways to approach its implementation while promoting innovation of the EU engineering industry, sustainable development and competitiveness in 2014-2020. In the discussions and the speeches made by European Commission, business and science representatives, special attention will be given to the increase in efficiency of EU regional and national RTD support tools through their mutual synergy and the national and regional smart specialisation of the countries.

This event is expected to have long-term impact on the future of Lithuania and the EU as a whole. Approximately 400 participants from Europe and around the world are expected to take part in the event. Participation is free of charge but by invitation only.


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